Everything is Fine Here. How are YOU?

First of all, to anyone reading this, wherever you are. I hope that you and your family are safe and healthy and smart.

Secondly – am I the only one who doesn’t think this is going away any time soon?

So, life is still weird for me. Sarah is still taking chemo, in fact, today she is taking treatment, and will spend the next few days in bed.

I still can’t breathe properly, but I have had a referral to a specialist, and I’m just waiting to hear from her. Due to COVID-19 it’s probably a low priority, but the truth is, because of my breathing issues right now, I’m terrified of catching the ‘VID. It’d probably kill me. It would also probably kill Sarah, being as she’s immuno-compromised. So, believe me when I tell you that I have a very personal stake in this whole pandemic.

So far, so good. And at least I live in Canada, where we seem to be handling this a whole hell of a lot better than the USA, and again, you have my sincerest sympathies. I know that anyone who might read this likely didn’t vote for the dangerously ignorant and narcissistic asshole that’s going to get more Americans killed than all the wars of the 20th century combined.

Me, I’m doing as well as I can — to be honest, after a meds change up by my doctor, my mental health is such that I am feeling better than I have in years, despite the fact that I’m dealing with Sarah’s cancer, my own health, and now COVID-19, which has cut me, like all of us, off from friends and family. I have bad days on occasion, but I figure I’m allowed, considering.

I’m working part-time to full-time hours, depending on the week, and my job is in healthcare, so for now, I haven’t been made redundant. I have mixed feelings about going to work, though — see the aforementioned fear of, you know, death.

I’ve not written anything more on anything fictional — there’s too much horror in the world right now, and I really don’t feel like contributing to it. I even thought about resurrecting Helena and Penny, but the truth is, I don’t feel much like writing anything. I’m sure I’m not the only one for whom this whole situation suddenly made everything else insignificant.

Anyway, what are you up to? How are you passing the time in quarantine? What music are you listening to? What TV shows are you binging? I watched Locke & Key and would highly recommend avoiding it like COVID-19. See also: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I don’t care how much time you have on your hands now, don’t waste any of it on that waste of celluloid.

Star Trek: Picard was good. Even if there’s no season two (there will be) it is a good standalone season. Even if it was Akiva Goldsman — at least partially — behind the wheel.

I’m trying to watch The Hunters, but Cheezus Crust that’s an intense show.

Anyway, that’s all from me. Reporting from my living room, Year One of the COVID Apocalypse.

2 thoughts on “Everything is Fine Here. How are YOU?

  1. Hey! I was only thinking I should update my blog, but… wow I have no real words in me at the moment. Like you say, the ‘VID has sucked that out of me for now.

    I’m glad you are doing better mentally in spite of all the things. I hope Sarah’s chemo session goes as well as it can and that she copes with it as well as possible.

    Here in the UK… well what can I say. Our government is cloaking itself in glory in its response to the ‘VID. I’m lucky enough to be able to work from home, although it is a very odd thing. In my 4th week of that because our organisation took the decision to do that before the government decided to get its act together.

    I miss my partner – she is in Wales where our house is, and I am not. I live in commuting distance to London, much good that it does me right now! We are used to living apart for the moment, but with our lockdown, which also won’t end soon, we don’t know when we can be together next. The overall important thing though is that we are both safe. We both have health conditions which wouldn’t help our recovery if we caught the VID, so our lives are more important than anything else.

    In my spare time I’m a bit indecisive. I can’t focus on things for too long, so I’ve been dipping in to TV, knitting, art, reading. It’s all very odd. I watched Unorthodox on Netflix the other weekend, which is based on the true story of a woman who ran away from an orthodox Jewish community in Williamsburg USA. I’m Jewish, so it es of particular interest to me.

    Anyway, please keep safe, both of you, and your families.

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  2. I’m glad you get to work from home. Sorry you and your partner are separated. I can’t imagine that. I hope you are able to see her soon.
    I’m trying to watch Hunters, which is about a bunch of vigilante Jews hunting down Nazis in 1970s USA. It’s intense but interesting. Do take care.


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